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In order to ensure that your policies are up to date, especially now with the new legislation that is taking effect JANUARY 1, 2018!

Some of you might be aware of the Bill 148 issues and changes, and some people not aware of this at all. This is not good as these changes are not in favor of small businesses.  

Under the new Bill 148 the way that Public Holiday Pay is calculated will change effective January 1 2018.

This means that the way you calculate the holiday pay for Christmas and Boxing Day 2017 will be different.

New Rule:  (for New Year’s Day) the total amount of regular wages earned in the pay period immediately preceding the public holiday, divided by the number of days the employee worked in that period. NOTE that vacation pay is removed from the calculation, and the time period is much shorter. 

If your employee does not work during the pay period before the holiday, you must use the pay period that contains the holiday (unless they are on leave or vacation).

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