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The Staff Room: Full Service Human Resources, Human Capital Management Consulting, including recruitment and Career Coaching Company
With a 92% success rating, The Staff Room is proud to offer a variety of services with employers in mind. When you need a Toronto HR consulting firm, look no further than the knowledgeable professionals at The Staff Room. You will receive expert advice on a range of topics, including but not limited to how to cut costs on employee turn over, termination packages including career coaching and getting your employees buy-in to increase moral, to name a few. 

The Staff Room understands that human resources is often a difficult field to navigate. You already have enough on your plate with managing a business, so let the professionals at The Staff Room put their years of industry experience and knowledge to work for you. Finding an Ontario recruitment agency that understands your business needs is often difficult. When you choose The Staff Room, you are choosing a company with over 17 years of industry experience. From interviewing the right candidates, to reference checks to negotiating fair employee contracts in order to get the right fit and not just to fill in the empty chair.

We do much more than just interview, we help the candidate shine in the interview. They are nervous and want to work for you, we help them make sure they convey the right soft skills, knowledge and the drive to be the dedicated and best employee possible. 

 The Staff Room will make sure that your business interests remain protected.

 Contact The Staff Room today for the highest quality candidates.

Let the professionals at The Staff Room take the headache out of Selection and Recruitment. 

Canadian HR Consultants - Let Us be Your staffing and Recruitment Agency! Nominated and finalists for HR ADVISOR/CONSULTANCY OF THE YEAR ACROSS CANADA 2016!


Our #1 Service:

  • Selection and Recruitment 
  • Follow up after the interview 
  • Follow up and work with both the candidate and the employer in order to make the hire a smooth one that works out for both. 

Advice on:
  • Terminations
  • Contracts
  • Hiring Contracts and negotiations

As well as consultation on:
  • Benefits and payroll
  • Council terminated employees to help keep their confidence up
  • Work with terminated employees to get them back in the work force
  • Increasing productivity
  • Award incentive programs
  • Etc.....


Two business professionals shaking hands

  • Career Coaching levels 1 and 2
  • Review of current resume and cover letter 
  • Review of employment offer letter 
  • Review of termination letter/package 
  • One on one coaching prior to your interview 
  • Proper communication with a future prospective employer 
  • A list of possible questions you will be asked at an interview, review them one on one and able to take this home to reference before an interview 
  • Preparation prior to an interview to be reassured and gain confidence 
  • Review of your skills and the positions you're applying to (is this the right job for your background) 
  • Dos and don'ts before, during and after the interview and the reasons 
  • An interview questions document that will be emailed to you for your reference  
  • Follow up and work with both the candidate and the employer in order to make the hire a smooth one that works out for both. 
  • Small workshops covering various employee topics (please ask for the complete list)
  • We will teach you how to properly Network

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