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The Staff Room is pleased to announce our new PSW Division!

Our PSW Division is the best choice for you and your loved ones. We understand
that when dealing with an illness, frailty, or sudden accident even the simplest
task can be challenging. We are here to make those daily routines easier.

Whether it’s assistance with daily routines, or simply companionship and
assistance with shopping or appointments, we understand your needs and
provide quality, affordable care within the community.

As your 2017 Business Excellence Award winners, we have the know-how and the
patience to provide that helping hand regardless if you have an illness, are living
with a disability, or are a senior.

With our services, we cater to each individual by:
          - An initial in-home visit
          - A customized care plan
          - Regular home visits
          - Referrals to other programs advocating for additional services
          - Collaborating with other health care professionals

Some of our services are but not limited to:
          - Companionship
          - Going to medical visits if needed
          - Grocery shopping
          - Walking the family dog
          - Preparing meals
          - Aid clients with personal care and behaviors of daily living

*Our PSWs do not administer medications nor do they drive using their own
vehicles to transport clients. Arrangements will be made for appointments and in
community outings.
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